AEWAN Download


Click the link below to download a tarball of the latest release of the Aewan sources. Then follow the instructions below in order to build and install it.

Note: You no longer need the libbores library in order to build Aewan.

Installation Instructions

Assuming you have downloaded the above files to your home directory, here is how you would proceed (pretty standard):

$ tar -zxf aewan-1.0.01.tar.gz
$ cd aewan-1.0.01
$ ./configure
$ make
$ su -c "make install"

After you are done installing, typing aewan should bring up the editor, and aecat should run the (self-documented) aewan-to-cat export filter. There is also the aemakeflic animation export filter.

If your shell is unable to find the program after instalation, it probably means that /usr/local/bin is not in your PATH environment variable. In that case, edit your ~/.bashrc file to add it.